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Posted by baroude ntsiba on February 08, 2018

With the multitude of brands available, customers fluidity is increasing and more likely to continue to do so. It is therefore crucial for a company however big to not only understand its customers' needs but to anticipate their need before they express such needs

One of the best ways of finding out what are your customers' needs is to utilise email marketing alongside statistical data mining techniques.

You may wish to follow the process we created in the following document

Let's begin by exploring key facts en email marketing. Then, we can explore the techniques that will ensure conversion rate

The process lays down here is not all about increasing your selling. It amounts to undestanding your customers needs and providing them with the necessary products or services


Email Marketing is one the greatest manner to reach out to your prospect's customers and target audience. Companies can apply the Email Marketing strategies shown here coupled with data science segmentation methodolgies to help their customers and subsequently increase their brand reputation and revenue.

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