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This is what I can offer.

I am B Ntsiba a data scientist consultant, investor and technology enthusiast. I hold a master degree in Data Science and BSc(Hons) from Goldsmiths University of London and South Bank University respectively.

I have experience in Python, Pandas, Numpy and visualisation tools such as Matplotlib or Tableau and my blog posts on this topic can be found here. Additionally, I have experience working with R programming, SSIS, SSAS

I believe that competitive advantage acquired through the use of technology should not be a privilege reserved for big companies, rather SMEs enterprises should be able to reach their full potential by using faster and less expensive implementation techniques to complete digital projects.

The model on offer here has allowed companies to build amazing digital products and marketing campaigns without the traditional associated slow paced and expensive outsourcing Agency that often fail to adapt in this fast moving technological era.

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